ME Dept of Labor

ME Dept of Labor, phone number 207-621-5095, allows you to perform a license lookup and license verification, located at 45 Commerce Dr, Augusta in the state of Maine. Best hours to call ME Dept of Labor are between 10:00 am and 02:00 pm.

ME Dept of Labor ensures fair working conditions and promotes economic stability by enforcing labor laws and providing resources and education for workers and employers in the state of Maine.

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ME Dept of Labor Phone Number

What is ME Dept of Labor phone number?

ME Dept of Labor main phone number (Maine DOL phone number) where you can call and speak to a real person is 207-621-5095.

ME Dept of Labor Activities

Watch this video to learn more about ME Dept of Labor, how do they operate, activities, responsibilities and the services provided by Maine Department of Labor (Maine DOL).

After you watched the video, you should continue to read this page to discover additional and important information and details about Maine Department of Labor (Maine DOL).

ME Dept of Labor Calling Hours

What are the best hours to call ME Dept of Labor and speak to a real person at Maine DOL?

The best hours to call ME Dept of Labor and talk to a real person at Maine DOL are between 10:00 am to 02:00 pm on weekdays.

ME Dept of Labor Fax Number

What is ME Dept of Labor fax number?

ME Dept of Labor main fax number (Maine DOL fax number) where you can send a fax message with documents, requests, search inquiries, and more is 207-287-5292.

ME Dept of Labor Website

You can visit the ME Dept of Labor official website by clicking here.

ME Dept of Labor Enforcement

In addition to the tools of enforcement mentioned earlier, the ME Dept of Labor also has the authority to investigate complaints against professionals and take appropriate action, such as suspending or revoking licenses, placing restrictions on a healthcare professional’s practice, or imposing fines.

In some cases, the ME Dept of Labor may collaborate with other state or federal agencies, such as law enforcement, to investigate and address issues related to practice and public safety. The ME Dept of Labor

In addition to its enforcement powers, the ME Dept of Labor also plays an important role in providing guidance and education to professionals and the public. The ME Dept of Labor may develop regulations, policies, and guidelines related to practice, as well as provide information and resources to help professionals to maintain high standards of practice and improve results.

ME Dept of Labor Address

What is ME Dept of Labor address?

ME Dept of Labor address where you can send official mail including letters, and documents is:

ME Dept of Labor
Street: 45 Commerce Dr
City: Augusta
State: Maine
Zip: 04333

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